Joshua Quain

Director of Marketing and Sales

“Everything flows, nothing stands still.” ~ Plato

Joshua Quain is a passionate marketer and ambitious entrepreneur. At 24 Joshua started a corporation designing and installing luxury AV systems for Seattle’s elite. While building QDevelopment, Inc. his interests drew towards understanding how people discovered products and why they purchased them. This led to a business degree in marketing at the University of Washington.

Joshua’s passion for marketing led him to use his talents at SpectraCal where he now owns all marketing and sales activities. He has negotiated partnerships with fortune 500 companies and redesigned the CalMAN software user interface (now rated “more intuitive” with a “much better experience, and a large improvement to the software” by Chris Heinonen, Senior Displays Editor for AnandTech, 2012).

Joshua remains stedfast on how corporations best engage with customers on the platform they are most comfortable being marketed to.




Director of Marketing and Sales – SpectraCal, Inc.

Joshua Quain’s proven expertise in brand building and marketing expanded SpectraCal’s global reach to over 130 countries and seven industries. At SpectraCal Joshua leads all marketing disciplines including PR, SEM, SEO, social media, inbound, email, trade shows, and offline marketing. Joshua’s management continues down the marketing funnel to the sales side where he manages international resellers, broadcast, post and post-production customers.

SpectraCal provides solutions for calibration video displays in broadcast, production, post-production, commercial A/V, home theater, geospatial, and medical. SpectraCal’s flagship product, CalMAN video calibration software, is the most widely used video calibration software in the world.

Working with Joshua Quain at Spectracal was a distinct pleasure. He has a broad and deep knowledge of his area, and his keen ability to do quantitative analysis made my work’s success possible. He is easy to work with, smart, and insightful. I look forward to working with him again.
Sonia Lyris, Communications Director at the C-spot™
As the Marketing Manager, I worked closely with Joshua and can attest to the high ingenuity and professionalism. Mr. Quain provided vision for all product development and contributed heavily in leading initiatives to drive marketing campaigns, industry partnerships, and customer service. Mr. Quain’s work ethic and the willingness to do what it takes to get things done really made an impact in our operations and company moral. In addition to his business expertise, Mr. Quain is also a very gifted graphic designer having created amazing content for print and digital use. His talents are truly multidimensional and I recommend him highly for any business endeavors.
Alex Nguyen, Marketing Manager - SpectraCal, Inc.

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Cutting Edge Design


Co-Owner/Project Manager – Cutting Edge Design, Inc.

As QDevelopment’s scope of projects expanded to whole home automation and commercial A/V system installations the need for highly trained technical staff with a deep understanding of programming, low-voltage wiring, and construction became eminent. Since system integration was a niche skill set, the decision was made to not hire technical staff or contractors, but rather merge QDevelopment, Inc. with an already established business called Cutting Design, Inc. who had existing employees skilled in all the required disciplines. The two companies dovetailed perfectly together.

I could not be more delighted with the outcome. Often, the technical elements of a renovation become the most complicated and difficult. Interestingly, through your guidance and patience, this has been a very elegant process and simplified.
Darrell H. Hughes, Director of Community Relations - Bayview Retirement Community

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CEO/Owner – QDevelopment, Inc.

QDevelopment, Inc. designed, installed, and maintained luxury residential and commercial audio and video (A/V) systems. QDevelopment projects spanned from retrofitting existing construction to prewiring new. Every project required blending the equipment seamlessly into the environments decor, providing an easy to operate control system interface and delivering a premium user experience.

  • Developed a business plan and executed the launch of QDevelopment after closing the first $100K project.
  • Implemented a referral marketing plan by requesting one lead from each completed project in-trade for product discounts, free scheduled service call(s), or due to project performance exceeding expectations. This resulted in nearly 100% prospect to customer conversion rate on each referred opportunity.

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University of Washington

In 2012 Joshua Quain graduated with honors from the University of Washington (UW) school of business. He degreed in Business Administration (BA) with a minor in marketing management.

Skills and Proficiencies

Primary Skills
  • Demand generation using agile marketing approach
  • Marketing campaign development, management, and execution
  • Team building
  • Social media marketing
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Web and graphic design
  • Market research